Laser Cutting

Our state of the art laser cutting machines have revolutionized everyday production in sheet metal fabrication. We produce higher quality edges and superior overall quality.

Materials we can cut:

  • Up to 1" thick Mild Steel
  • Up to 5/8 " thick Stainless Steel
  • Up to 1/4" thick Aluminum

The Lasers have a 5' X 10' cutting table that allows for nesting of multiple parts on one sheet of material.

  • Highly flexible method of cutting intricate designs
  • Quick response to change due to very little setup time required
  • No special tooling is required.
  • Very little de-burring is required due to the clean-cut edge left by the laser.
  • A small heat affected zone minimizes distortion of the part
  • The Laser equipment creates an accurate and repeatable manufacturing process.
  • Accurate to within +-0.004"
  • No mechanical stress placed on the part. The mechanical portion of the cutting tip never touches the part. The Laser cuts by burning a pattern into the material that is laying flat on a cutting bed.
  • Scrap material and material costs kept to a minimum as multiple parts can be nested on large sheets.
  • Very fine cut width.


Bystronic Bystar 3015 4400 Watt


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