Waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting provides exceptionally quick, precise and accurate cuts into virtually any material. Due to its versatility, the waterjet can be used in almost every industry.

The waterjet is an accurate and powerful machine that can cut up to eight inches. Waterjet cutting has the ability to vary tolerances in different locations on a single part.

Waterjet cutting is a perfect choice for cutting materials that are heat sensitive because we can achieve precision cuts without altering the original state of the materials. Waterjet cutting eliminates thermal and mechanical stress.

The waterjet offers limitless possibilities, catering to your unique manufacturing needs.

Advantages of waterjet cutting:

  • Broad bandwidth of materials that can be processed.
  • Engraving and cutting.
  • For material thicknesses to 8”
  • High quality of the cutting result; no thermal or mechanical influences.
  • Expensive additional costs for finishing are minimized or completely eradicated.
  • Cost-effective and efficient production of prototypes and small batch series.

Examples of materials that are cut with waterjet technology:

  • Steel, Stainless steel
  • Aluminium, light metal, copper, brass
  • Ceramics
  • Glass, bullet-resistant glass
  • Stone, granite, marble
  • Sandwich materials
  • Structural material
  • Rubber, hard foam material, soft foam material
  • Soundproofing and insulating material
  • Reinforced plastics, thermoplastics, and duroplastics
  • Composites
  • Wood
  • High-tech materials
  • Paper, cardboard
  • Textiles, leather



ByJet L 6030


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